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Creating Bills From Purchase Orders

You can copy an approved or billed purchase order to a new bill to pay a supplier for goods or services you’ve taken.  In the Account menu, select Purchases (Accounts >> Purchases).  Scroll down to the Purchase Order section.  Select any of the status tab.  Find and open the purchase order you want to use for creating a bill.  Click Purchase Order Options, […]

Delete or Void Bills

You can only delete the bills that have the draft status or awaiting approval status.  If a bill has awaiting payment status or paid status then you can void it.  In Clickentry, you can only see the voided bills not deleted. Voided bills are listed in some of your reports Delete a Draft or Awaiting Approval […]

Add and Approve Bills

You can create a bill for any purchases. By default, it will be in your default currency but you can create in other currencies as well when using multi-currency.   You can also allocate the credit to the bill you have created.  You must have the role of either the adviser, standard, invoice only + purchases, […]

Delete Repeating Bill Templates

You can delete repeating bill templates from within the templates or delete them in bulk.  Delete a Single Repeating Transaction  When you have the Invoice Only + Draft user role then you will be able to delete the only template you have created.  In the Account menu, select Purchases(Accounts >> Purchases).  Select the Repeating status tab.  Find and open the […]

Edit Bills

You can edit any of the following bills: The draft bills, unpaid bills, paid bills, and awaiting payment bills.   Edit a Draft or An Awaiting Approval Bill  In the Account menu, select Purchases(Accounts >> Purchases).  Select either Draft or An Awaiting status tab.  Find and open the bill you want to edit. If you know the contacts name or the […]

Record Payment of a Bill

You can apply a full or partial payment against a bill in Clickentry but you must have the role of either an invoice only + purchases, invoice only + approve and pay, standard or adviser to apply payments.  Apply a Payment to Your Bill  In the Account menu, select Purchases(Accounts >> Purchases).  Select the Awaiting Payment or Partial Paid status tab.  Find and open the […]

View Voided or Deleted Customer Credit Notes

You can view and process voided or deleted customer credit notes at any time.  How it Works  Clicking on a contact name, you can view their details.  You can view the credit note history and can also enter a new note.  You cannot view the Voided or Deleted credit notes in graphs or reports.  Find a Deleted […]

Common Scenarios for Credit Notes

Here Clickentry explaining the typical occasions when you might be in need to use a credit note and how you can do that.  You Invoiced to a Customer, But They Noticed a Mistake  In such a case, the customer will not pay the original invoice because he has noticed some mistakes. Eg you created the invoice for 22000 and […]

Email a Credit Note to a Customer

Clickentry allows you to email a credit note to your customer only when you have it open. You can include a PDF of the credit notes as an attachment, any other attachment file. Besides this you can send a copy to yourself, and mark the credit notes as sent.   In the Account menu, select Sales (Accounts >> Sales).  Select […]

Print a Customer Credit Note

You can take a print of your credit notes as PDF. You can take a print of a credit note as PDF only after saving this.   In the Account menu, select Sales (Accounts >> Sales).  Select the status tab where your credit note is.  Find and open the credit note you want to print.  Click the Print PDF button.  It […]